Golf Spine Mate Review
Golf Digest Golf Spine Mate
Golf Spine Mate Review
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Golf Spine Mate Review
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Our Stainless Steel Spinefinder - Golf Shaft Alignment Made Easy !
Spine Find Mate reveals the hidden spine of any golf shaft so it can be set into the clubhead in the most advantageous position. This produces consistency from a repeatable shaft load and unload. After spining your clubs, the intended destination of your golf shots will be dramatically improved.

Our world class Spine Finder units are manufactured using highest quality stainless steel tubing. Our Spine Finders come complete with 1 roll of mounting tape incl. This allows club builders to clamp the unit in a vise without causing damage to the Spine Finder itself. We only use shielded bearings which are incredibly sensitive, no lubrication is ever needed for these amazing bearings.

O.E.M's do not align the spines in their clubs. Shaft manufacturers paint on graphics irrespective of the spines position. The worlds top players have been spining for years so why don't you. Owning a spinefinder is essential for any serious golfer. We believe our engineers have produced the best !

Fig 1: Stainless Steel Spinefinder. Incorporating truly world class sensitive shielded bearings !
Fig 2: Golf Spine Finder video demonstration. Now spine align your golf club shafts in seconds !
Fig 3: Stainless Steel Spinefinder. Use this spine finder on any golf club shaft you choose !