Golfers Mate Review
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Golfers Mate Review
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Golfers Mate Review
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Introducing Golfers Mate - Your Tee Shot And Golf Swing Friend !
Our very popular pocket sized tee shot tool and golf swing trainer accurately sets up to 6 different tee heights consistently, increasing your confidence as you step on to the tee box. After all, this is the place where your confidence is at its lowest - everyone watching and the nerve ends jangling?

Golfers Mate enables you to easily set the correct tee height for the club and shot that you have in mind. With six holes embossed with numbers clearly identifying each setting, it is simple to set the ball at the same height that gets you hitting the sweet spot more often. Golfers Mate is very light and slips unnoticed in your pocket after use - and its legal - your only using it to set your tee.

Your going to put a tee-peg into the ground anyway, so why not set the ball at the correct height that suits your swing. You know it's not accurate to keep guessing, hitting the sweet spot is what we all try to do, so having an accurate set up will help you enormously in achieving this.

Fig 1: Golfers Mate up close. Precision tee height settings. Impact resistant & incredibly durable !
Fig 2: Golfers Mate video demonstration. Set the right tee height to compliment your club choice !
Fig 3: Stop guessing your tee heights. Use this precision tool to launch your tee shots like TIGER !