Golf Grip Mate Review
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Golf Grip Mate Review
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Golf Grip Mate Review
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Golf Grip Mate MK2 Airtool - Golf Club Regripping With Air Made Easy With Our Award Winning Tool !
Change your golf club grips without using tape or chemicals - which means no mess and no fuss. Save yourself $$$$ by doing it yourself - change a full set of golf grips within a matter of minutes. No more waiting for chemicals to dry - now you can start playing golf immediately after regripping.

Our astonishing Grip Mate airtool connects to any compressor via the universal coupling supplied. The 3 custom machined durable injectors easily penetrate the vent hole of any sized grip, pushing through old tape without damaging the existing grip. The debris shield and 2 safety sleeves press into the golf grip creating a seal against back pressure, which prevents your golf grips ballooning.

Your new grip glides on to the club shaft on a cushion of air making it really simple to reposition. Use Grip Mate on any sized grip with all brands of workshop compressor - with as little as 55 psi. Awarded the recognized ISO 9001:2000 certificate - Golf Grip Mate has also featured in Golf Digest.

Our Golf Regrip Air Tool In Action - Change Your Golf Grips In Minutes !
Fig 1: Golf Grip Mate up close. Precision ISO quality golf regripping tool. Clean, safe and reliable !
Fig 2: Golf Grip Mate video demonstration. NOTE: You now receive our award winning MK2 version !
Fig 3: Save money $$$. This remarkable airtool pays for itself after regripping a full set 3 times !

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